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  • Macbeth

    Year 6 perform Macbeth

    6th December 2018

    Pupils in Miss Westmoreland's year 6 group were today showing off their dramatic sides as they explored William Shakespeare's Macbeth.

    The children acted out key scenes from 'the Scottish play', discussing the story, and how actors would need to perform some of the most important moments.

    They created their own freeze frames and performed some iconic scenes in front of their classmates.

    A fabulous experience, and some very talented performers in the group!

  • Bolsover Castle visit - November 2018

    Visit to Bolsover Castle

    23rd November 2018

    On Monday last week, our courageous and mighty year 4 pupils invaded the gargantuan fortress of Bolsover Castle! The children went armed with intrepid will, and carried out their mission to unveil and explore the mighty secrets hidden within the famous walls. If only the walls could talk and tell!

    The children were successful in their quest to steal historical knowledge and inspiration – they will now use this in their written works, as they embark on a journey which will exhibit their best ever pieces of wr

  • Premier stars tickets presented

    Year one pupils score with football course!

    14th November 2018

    Pupils in our year 1 group recently completed their six-week Premier League Primary Stars programme, delivered by Mansfield Town Football Club’s Football in the Community coaches, and have now scored match tickets to Saturday’s League Two game against Port Vale as a reward for their involvement.

    Mrs Pritchett, our year one teacher, said “Every week the pupils get really excited when they know Football in the Community are coming – I’ve never seen them get changed so quickly! They’ve learned new footballing s

  • Tree planting

    Planting trees for our Forest School

    13th November 2018

    On Friday we were delighted to start planting trees on the academy site as we work towards becoming a Forest School. Pupils and staff were joined by members of our fabulous PTA in the autumn drizzle to pop our sapling trees into the ground at the back of the academy. The trees have been donated to Wainwright by the Woodland Trust, and will now grow into a wooded area that will support a variety of wildlife and become an enjoyable learning and social environment for our children.

    Forest Schools are a speciali

  • Remembrance day 2018

    Paying our respects - Remembrance 2018

    9th November 2018

    Today our pupils have come to the academy dressed in red or black to represent the colours of the poppy, as part of our Remembrance activities.

    Pupils gathered in our main hall to create the iconic symbol of the poppy, using our own green jumpers to add a stem at the bottom - our children, ably assisted by staff, managed this in a very orderly and well-behaved manner.

    Foundation pupils then joined us to spell out 'WPA 100', as this year's Remembrance marks 100 years since the end of World War 1.

    Well done to a

  • National School Breakfast programme

    National School Breakfast programme launched

    8th November 2018
    At least half a million children in the UK arrive at school each day too hungry to learn. Research has shown a direct link between the breakfast habits of children and their educational attainment, with children in primary schools where breakfast is provided achieving on average up to two months’ additional academic progress over the course of a year. 

    Therefore, we are very excited to announce that today we became a National Breakfast Programme Academy.

    As children go into their classrooms each morning they
  • World of Work Wednesdays

    Exciting careers initiative launched!

    19th October 2018
    To support our pupils' thinking about what jobs they could aspire to do in the future, we are launching our exciting initiative, 'World of Work Wednesdays’.

    The idea of this is to show our children what opportunities there are for a future career - as part of this, we would like to invite volunteers to come and speak at the academy. It is so important to show pupils the many different paths they can take with their future, and maybe to inspire them about a career they maybe didn't even know existed!

    We would
  • Ministry of Science 2018

    Science mayhem with Ministry of Science!

    15th October 2018

    On Tuesday last week (9 October 2018), thirty budding scientists from key stage 2 were invited to the Ministry of Science production at the Palace Theatre in Mansfield.

    The show was full of fun, facts and fascinating investigations, with the odd explosion and huge flames all on stage too! Every child was mesmerised by the show and they were full of scientific facts on their return to the academy.

    We were so proud of the way our pupils conducted themselves and represented Wainwright so well. Hopefully this sho

  • World Mental Health day 2018

    Support for World Mental Health Day

    10th October 2018

    Today we have been speaking with our pupils about World Mental Health Day, and the importance of looking after your own mental health and supporting others with theirs.

    This morning, we were delighted to be joined by Miss Mansfield & Sherwood Forest Bethany Wigley who spoke to our children about her involvement in the charity Rethink Mental Illness. She talked about how we all have a range of emotions that affect how we feel, how we can improve our mental health, and showed some fab videos to explain the sub

  • People who help us!

    Finding out about people who help us

    2nd October 2018

    As part of our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic, pupils in foundation 2 were visited this week by members of the Emergency Services. The children have had a very interesting week learning all about the jobs that these services do to help people.

    Particularly enjoyable was looking at the uniforms they wear and equipment they use. Pupils had the opportunity to explore the vehicles, listen to and recognise the sirens used by the Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance service, together with using walkie talkies and even t

  • Circus studies!!

    Fun with the Circus!

    27th September 2018

    Yesterday our year 6 were treated to a very interesting and enjoyable day, learning all about the circus and 'freak' shows!

    In our English lessons, the pupils have been writing a discussion text about whether or not animals should perform in a circus, a very though provoking subject with all of our children showing sensitivity and maturity when discussing their opinions.

    The group also had a lot of fun in their afternoon session, finding out further information about animals in a circus, designing a circus pr

  • CLIC Sargent fundraising

    Pupils support children's cancer charity

    11th July 2018

    Recently children at the academy have been showing their giving and caring side as they raised a fabulous £235 for the CLIC Sargent charity.

    The charity, formed in 2005, is the UK's leading cancer charity for children, young people and their families, with care teams providing specialist support to people across the UK. The fundraising struck a chord close to home, as one of the Wainwright pupils had cancer when she was in foundation stage, with CLIC Sargent providing the family with vital support during thi

  • Layla attends University workshop

    Derby University workshop treat for Layla

    25th June 2018
    At Wainwright Primary, it is always amazing for us to see pupils with special talents – Layla, one of our year 3 pupils, has recently attended a specialist ‘writers den’ workshop at Derby University. Her teacher Miss Chadburn recognised her talents in writing and organised for her to attend this session. This would be a huge achievement for any pupil, but even more special is the fact that the workshop is for children aged 10 to 15, and Layla was accepted under exceptional circumstances as she is just 8 yea
  • Meet our team

    Looking to get back into primary teaching?

    15th June 2018

    Are a qualified teacher looking to work on a more flexible basis? Or perhaps you’re considering a career in teaching? Wainwright Primary is part of a cluster of academies across Mansfield, Clipstone and Retford. We are holding one of a series of informal events Thursday 21 June, where you can find out about the support and career paths we offer.

    We welcome returners to teaching, retired teachers and those considering joining the profession. You will have an opportunity to meet the team, have a tour of the ac

  • Vacancy - Classroom teacher

    Vacancy - KS1/KS2 classroom teacher

    8th June 2018

    We are recruiting!

    The academy is seeing a highly motivated and dedicated teacher to join our dynamic, talented and supportive team. We are seeking teachers who are passionate, who can be flexible and embrace a challenge.

    For more information or to apply for this role, please visit

    If you wish to visit the academy to find out more about our pupils, our staff and our academy environment, we will be happy to arrange this with you.

    Closing date for applications is Wednesday 20th June 2018.


  • Hagg Farm 2018

    Exploring Hagg Farm on residential visit

    24th May 2018
    A group of our year 6 pupils and staff are currently on a residential visit to Hagg Farm in the beautiful and inspiring Peak District National Park. They will be taking part in a variety of activities that enrich the curriculum and help learners reach their potential, increasing confidence, developing group awareness, together with getting involved in healthy activities and having a whole load of fun!

    Yesterday the group were finding their way around the Hagg Farm site with some orienteering – the weather lo
  • Kaine awarded 4B's trophy

    Launch of our 4B's trophy!

    15th May 2018

    One of the key values we try to instil within the pupils at our academy is about working together; using positive language and respecting everyone and everything in our community. Our behaviour policy relates to this, and our children know this as our 4B’s – Be kind, Be responsible, Be respectful, Be safe.

    To celebrate pupils putting this into practice, we have created the ‘4Bs Trophy’, which was awarded for the first time this week.

    Pictured is Kaine from year 6, the first recipient of this award. He was nom

  • Smash it year 6!

    A message ahead of SATs for our year 6...

    13th May 2018

    Ahead of the key stage 2 SATs which begin tomorrow, Mrs Travill, Miss Westmoreland and the rest of the Wainwright Primary community wanted to send a message to our year 6 pupils.

    “Before these tests start for our children, we just wanted to say how proud we are of all of our year 6 pupils. It has been a fantastic academic year so far with some superb learning and incredible progress alongside some memorable trips and experiences. Our children have become resilient and ambitious learners and we know you are a

  • Mrs Spacey - principal

    Our new academy principal, Mrs Spacey

    9th May 2018

    We are delighted to announce that following a recent recruitment process, our governors have appointed Mrs Spacey as Principal of Wainwright Primary Academy.

    Miss Gledhill will remain as Vice Principal as spend one day a week as our acting principal until the end of June, at which point Mrs Spacey will be full time. Mrs Thornton remains as Executive Principal to support our staff team and governors.

    Mrs Spacey said, ‘I am absolutely delighted to be appointed as the new principal – it is an honour to be entrus

  • Vacancies - classroom teachers

    Vacancies - Classroom teachers

    3rd May 2018

    We are recruiting!

    We are looking for two highly motivated and dedicated teachers to join our dynamic, talented and supportive team. We are seeking teachers with experience working with pupils in FS/KS1/KS2 who are passionate, who can be flexible and embrace a challenge.

    For more information or to apply for this role, please visit

    If you wish to visit the academy to find out more about our pupils, our staff and our academy environment, we will be happy to arrange this with you.

    Closing d