Exciting careers initiative launched!

19th October 2018
World of Work WednesdaysTo support our pupils' thinking about what jobs they could aspire to do in the future, we are launching our exciting initiative, 'World of Work Wednesdays’.

The idea of this is to show our children what opportunities there are for a future career - as part of this, we would like to invite volunteers to come and speak at the academy. It is so important to show pupils the many different paths they can take with their future, and maybe to inspire them about a career they maybe didn't even know existed!

We would like to hear from people in a range of different jobs that could dedicate an hour of their time on a Wednesday (either as a one off or for a few weeks for different classes) to talk with our children about their education and career. We know that lots of parents, families and community members have an abundance of skills they could share with our inquisitive pupils.

If you would like to get involved, you can share your details with us via the link below - we will then contact you to arrange a suitable time to come and speak to our children. Please share with anyone you think would be interesting for our pupils to listen to!

Click here to register your interest: https://bit.ly/2PIwNs3