Our vision

MissionOur vision at Wainwright Primary is geared around working together, perseverance and achievement. Pupils and staff are reminded of our vision throughout their time at the academy to ensure that everyone can experience success at Wainwright, working hard and being supported to do so.

Working Together

  • We care for all in our community.
  • We focus on patience, trust and empathy.
  • We celebrate diversity and embrace inclusivity.
  • We ask for help when we need it and we are understanding when others need our support.
  • We speak using positive language and respect everyone and everything in our community.
  • Here we are a team.


  • We continually learn, grow and master so that we become a better version of ourselves each and every day.
  • We encourage minds who are innovative and creative.
  • We have courage to make mistakes and are further determined to succeed.
  • Here we all believe.


  • We focus our thoughts, energy and attention to ensure we are successful in all that we do.
  • We are eager to challenge ourselves and are truly responsible for our actions and outcomes.
  • We are on a constant path of self-improvement towards our goals and dreams.
  • Here we all succeed.