Children at Wainwright are taught in mixed ability classes. There are two classes in each year group, as well as morning and afternoon nursery.

We teach, wherever possible, through enhanced cross-curricular topics, although sometimes we do teach separate subjects and ensure that we teach daily literacy and numeracy lessons. At all times we promote a love of learning, building children’s independence and life skills. We focus on speaking and listening to support good literacy skills, and social skills to support confidence and well-being.

It is vital to enable all children to access learning, as we plan a curriculum matched to their individual need. We plan a wide range of extra-curricular activities and residential experiences.

When new topics are introduced, we do so with a ‘wow factor’! This may be in the form of a visit, visitor, theme day or activity, designed to engage and stimulate the children.

We encourage parents to support their child’s learning through homework, activity days, fundraising events and celebration assemblies. Many of our fundraising events are organised by the children, and much of what we raise is donated to charity.