We believe that all children should be given the very best opportunity to progress and develop. Our mission is to deliver excellent teaching, exceptional care and outstanding performance. Ultimately, we want all children to be happy at Wainwright Primary and to make progress with their learning.

We have strong values that all pupils are taught and reminded of – we believe that embedding these values and principles are very important.

Working together

We support every member of our academy community, showing patience, trust and empathy, together with celebrating diversity and inclusivity. Pupils are encouraged to ask for help when needed and to support others. Respect for everyone and everything in our community is essential, as is speaking in a positive manner at all times.


All children are encouraged to learn, grow and master, becoming a better version of themselves each and every day. We encourage minds who are innovative and creative and have the courage to make mistakes, showing the will to succeed.


We focus our thoughts, energy and attention to ensure we are successful in all that we do. We are eager to challenge ourselves and are truly responsible for our actions and outcomes. We are on a constant path of self-improvement towards our goals and dreams.

We also have clear expectations around behaviour and attendance that are in place to support learning and development including our 4 B’s – we expect all pupils to:
• Be safe • Be kind • Be responsible • Be respectful

We celebrate children demonstrating these values at the academy, as we feel that they are life skills that benefit all children as they develop into adulthood. We reward good behaviour and work with pupils who fall below our expectations – we support all individuals and families to find a positive solution.

These values and our mission are underpinned by high aspirations for every member of our learning community from 3 to 11 years and up. Primary education is the springboard to children’s future success. We work very hard to raise aspirations, showing children what they could be in the future in the world of work or in continuing education.

Learning is designed to be fun, but importantly also challenging and engaging for young minds – especially in the key areas of communication, language, literacy and command of vocabulary which support learning and progress across the full curriculum. Staff continually develop our interesting, creative and exciting curriculum, our teaching methods and ensure that every child has the best possible learning experiences and preparation for successful future lives.

WPA – our vision 2018