Last Friday our year 1 pupils took a trip to The Deep in Hull, for a wonderful opportunity to see real creatures of the sea! Our children were super excited to see the sharks, the sting ray and (the most popular on the list of things to see) the penguins.

The children (and staff!) were all mesmerised and couldn’t quite believe their eyes at the array of fish, animals and much more besides. The exhibition including the pupils going up in a lift that felt like we were travelling inside with the fish – an amazing experience! The children watched the penguins with awe and delight as they swam with grace around their tank.

A particular favourite for our group was the beautiful coral and the fish inside with their vibrant colours of turquoise, bright oranges, yellows, stripes and spots. Year 1 had great fun trying to spot the camouflaged frogs, spiders and insects hiding from us.

The group were also given the chance to take part in workshops, engaging enthusiastically and producing some lovely drawings of the glass shrimps and shells of creatures, correctly identifying where they would be found.

The children will not forget their visit in a hurry as a fantastic time was had by all. Thank you to all the staff and children for creating a special memory for us all.