Our curriculum is designed to fulfil our academy vision – to inspire, to raise aspirations and to create brighter tomorrows.

The curriculum at Wainwright aims to provide all our children with the very best education, where our children know more and remember more and do more, through the highest expectations academically, core ethos and developing skills and dispositions so that our children are well prepared for the future, love learning and ultimately become happy and successful adults.

At Wainwright we believe all children should have access to the same high-quality curriculum, whilst ensuring that our teachers are able to skillfully adapt their teaching to meet the individual needs of the children. We ensure this through a range of methods such as tailoring resources and approaches to ensure the same high-quality curriculum is delivered to the class, including those learners who are EAL and SEND. We also offer additional support packages to children depending on the areas of need.

Be empowered

We empower our children to know more and remember more so that they can do more. Our curriculum is built around a high-quality reading spine. This enhances our children’s literacy skills, these skills are vital as they underpin all aspects of the curriculum. Our diverse range of texts are the beating heart of our curriculum design, opening doors to social diversity, rich vocabulary and the wider world.

Alongside these texts we offer a broad and balanced curriculum to lay strong foundations which can be built upon in future years. The lessons are sequenced so that knowledge is retained, schemas are built and links are made to past and future learning. Knowledge is taught through well-selected skills as a vehicle to deepen learning. Recognising knowledge is power, high-quality resources are selected to expose our children to the best of what has been thought and said.

Celebrating our diverse community

We love being part of a diverse and varied community, we are proud of who we are and our heritage. We respect the rights and views of others and we teach children the importance and value of healthy relationships in order that we can treat everyone with kindness and compassion. We teach children explicitly about our 5’b behaviours and weave these into our core curriculum offer. We celebrate and understand differences in a positive and healthy environment where children are empowered to grow and feel safe.

Inspiration and aspiration

Children are inspired by their learning and develop a thirst. We create curiosity to ensure that children ask questions about the world around them – wanting to know and understand. We ensure that children know how to learn and make the most of every opportunity. We ensure we have a curriculum enrichment offer to broaden thinking, promote challenge and raise aspirations for all building the cultural capital to broaden horizons.

Our curriculum by year group and subject

You can view our curriculum by year group and subject.


Our curriculum is fully inclusive for all pupils – we strive to ensure that all of our children’s needs are met.

More information can be found on our dedicated ‘SEND‘ page, you can also view our SEND and single equality policy on our policies page.

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