During the academy week, pupils at Wainwright will be set homework to support the learning that they are doing in the classroom. This can be to further develop children’s knowledge of a certain topic, to extend pupils who are doing well and need more challenge, or to support individuals who need to improve in key areas. Homework is always set with a purpose, and all we ask is that all pupils try their best to complete this.

Parents and carers can support their children with their homework by asking questions, getting involved and encouraging them to complete it. The academy often sets projects that can get the whole family involved – everyone learns something, come together to talk and share ideas, plus have a lot of fun in the process!

Where adults may need some extra support to be able to help their children, we link with local colleges and organisations to provide adult learning classes. During the last year, these have included sessions on maths, literacy, basic IT and even first aid. Please keep an eye on our website and social channels for details of when these take place.

We also encourage all pupils to actively and regularly read outside of the academy week. Reading is a great way to improve all children’s vocabulary, spelling, grammar and reasoning skills, together with being a way of encouraging creativity, opening new worlds and having fun!