At Wainwright, we recognise the importance of developing community cohesion  and we have been fortunate to unite with Dameon Hallam from Sunbelt Rentals who feels the same.

Through working with our community, we aim to create a society in which:

  • there is a sense of belonging for everyone.
  • the diversity of children’s backgrounds and circumstances is appreciated and valued.
  • similar life opportunities are available to all.
  • strong and positive relationships exist and continue to be developed across the academy and wider community.

One way we are supporting this…

Every Friday 30 enthusiastic children are coached by Dameon Hallam from Sunbelt Rentals and Megan Haynes from the Premier League Stars Programme. Their support helps children develop their footballing skills, promotes enhanced wellbeing and increases their confidence. Through this training some children will be selected to represent Wainwright Primary Academy, where they will compete against other primary schools within the local community.

We are so very grateful to Dameon Hallam, not only for his time, but for the donation of 16 football kits to the academy, as well as his dedication to sourcing pre-loved football boots for children who need them.

Damien said: “At Sunbelt Rentals we are committed to supporting the communities we operate within. Sport is such a great way to teach respect, teamwork and many other transferable skills, as well as build confidence.”