Today we are celebrating Hello Yellow Day at Wainwright Primary Academy. This day supports and acknowledges World Mental Health Day, which was on October 10, we dress in yellow to show the children, families and our community that they’re not alone with their mental health and to raise vital funds for Young Minds.

We are aware that many people have been going through difficult times, so we are wearing yellow today as way of showing solidarity with young people and helping them know that they’re not alone. Looking after our wellbeing has never been more important and too many young people still feel ashamed to open up about how they’re feeling. The more people who show they care, the more comfortable young people will feel about talking to someone if they’re struggling.

We were thrilled to see our academy full of sunshine as all the children and staff in the academy wore yellow with pride, we had minnions, buzzy bees, Pudsey bear, handmade personalised t-shirt, tops with motivational messages on, site staff wearing their high vizs all day it was amazing! We even had a special assembly with Mrs Hallam were we learnt the meaning of #HelloYellow, and a variety of coping skills to use when we are feeling stressed, anxious, angry, sad, tired and general low mood.

Here at Wainwright Primary Academy we are passionate about teaching our children about mental health and wellbeing through our wellbeing Wednesday and our weekly assemblies. Through those lessons and assemblies we learn how we can keep ourselves mentally healthy and how we can look for signs in others who maybe struggling with their own mental and how we can support them. We also learn about the different types of mental health from depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism and how sometimes its necessary to get support from medically trained professions.

We thank everyone for their fantastic support and kind donations and we look forward to finding out how much we have raised for the Young Minds charity.

Finally please remember your never alone, please reach out and speak to someone, there is so much help out there.