In September we launched our Wainwright football club, which runs every Friday afterschool.

Many of the children haven’t had the opportunity to join a football club before, and it’s been amazing to watch the enthusiasm, determination, sportsmanship, effort and progress they have made over the past weeks and months.

Out of our 40 footballers ten were selected to play in our second inter school tournament on Friday 24 June at Sutton Road Primary School. Six of the ten players had never played a proper match before so this was a whole new experience for them, they were nervous but they positively channelled these feelings and emotions into their performance, with outstanding results.

They played four matches in total, winning two and losing two, which considering this was only our second tournament and one of the other teams play regularly in a league, we did amazingly well.

Next year Wainwright will be joining a league as well as playing in the tournaments, which we are incredibly excited about.

On behalf of the Wainwright family, Mr Hallam (team manager and coach) and Miss Haynes (coach) from Notts Forest Primary League stars we would like to say a huge well done, we are so proud of each and every child in our club.