At Wainwright we are passionate about promoting mental health and wellbeing. This whole academy approach involves everyone – academy leaders, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, outside agencies and families, to embed a safe and inclusive learning culture and environment.

There are many whole academy approaches that we use to embed a culture of wellbeing, mental health and enhance resilience. When a culture of wellbeing is prioritised across the whole academy community, positive social norms and behaviour are built between leaders, academy staff and children – there is then a sense of belonging and inclusivity.

Every ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ a whole academy assembly takes place, teaching children about mental health and wellbeing and how to promote positive mental health, as well as what to do when there is sustained periods of low mood, depression and/or anxiety.

We were delighted when one of our pupils Gemma came forward to show Mrs Hallam, our mental health lead, a book she had been given to her by her auntie on self-esteem. Mrs Hallam asked Gemma if she would like to plan, prepare and deliver the next Wellbeing Wednesday whole academy assembly alongside her, which we are delighted to say that Gemma accepted.

Gemma did an amazing job presenting to over 375 children a all about self esteem, signs of high and low self-esteem and how to flip unhappy thoughts to happy thoughts. Everyone agreed that Gemma deserved recognition for her efforts and we awarded her with the first Wainwright ‘Mental Health Ambassadors Award’.

Congratulations Gemma we are so proud of you! Our academy, your friends and family are so lucky to have such an amazing wellbeing champion!

If we have any more children who would like to put themselves forward for future assemblies, Mrs Hallam would love to hear from you.