On Wednesday 20th November, the Wainwright Rocks choir participated in a music hub workshop lead by Mark DeLisser at Kelham Hall.

Mark DeLisser is a world-renowned vocal coach, arranger and choral director who has taught at many recognised institutions across the globe. His workshops aim to build confidence in pupils whilst improving their vocal technique.

The workshop began with a vocal warm up, with the pupils copying the different sounds that Mark DeLisser made with his voice. The pupils then learnt, practiced and performed two songs which included a harmony, as well as having the chance to do some freestyle dancing.

Finally, children and staff were given the opportunity to sing a solo into the microphone for everybody to hear. Our pupils loved taking part in this and were very persuasive in volunteering Miss Herbert to perform on the stage!

Our pupils thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and were very enthusiastic about singing with so many other schools. Hopefully our students are inspired to become super performers when they are older. As Mark said: “if you can dream it, you can do it!”