Membership of academy committee

All governors attend academy committee meetings.

Chair of GovernorsPeter Edwards
Executive PrincipalLucy Spacey
PrincipalJon Chapman
NameTypeAppointedEnd of termSpecific / additional role[s]
Peter EdwardsAppointed04/12/201903/12/2023Chair of Academy Committee Appointed 07/09/2021 - 06/09/2022 Link governor: Leadership & Management/Safeguarding/Site: staff, pupils wellbeing, workload.
Andy PullinAppointed01/10/201830/09/2022Link governor: Educational Visits
Kevin StokesAppointed31/03/202130/03/2025Link governor: Health & Safety/GDPR/Complaints & Whistleblowing
Donna BennettStaff31/03/202130/03/2025Link governor: TBC
Irena DubowskiAppointed08/07/202107/07/2025Link governor: Quality of Education
Thomas ReidAppointed25/05/202224/05/2026Link governor:TBC

Declarations of interest – pecuniary/business

NameName / nature of pecuniary / business interest declaredType of business
Andy PullinSheffield Hallam University - Associate Lecturer/Independent supply teacher/The Well, Retford Baptist Church - TrusteeHigher education/Religion
Peter EdwardsAshfield Health and Wellbeing Partnership Committee/ Discover Ashfield Board Member/Academy Transformation Trust FE - Chair of Governors /Academy committee member for Redgate Primary and Yeoman Park Academy/Sutton AcademyLocal authority/ education
Kevin StokesNo External Business Interests Declared
Donna BennettNo External Business Interests Declared/ member of staff
Irena DubowskiNo External Business Interests Declared
Thomas ReidThe Education RPOTechnology/education

Senior leaders who contribute

NameName / nature of pecuniary / business interest declaredType of business
Lucy SpaceyNo external business interest declared/member of staff
Jon ChapmanNo external business interest declared/ member of staff
Sarah KahlerNo external business interest declared/ member of staff


NameName / nature of pecuniary / business interest declaredType of business
Emma PaineFamily governance links with NCEAEducation/governance

Members who resigned/end of term during previous 12 months

Full nameDate of appointmentDate of resignation
Louis Donald13/10/202130/03/2022
Dale Karim13/10/202120/01/2022
Abigail Hawkins05/04/201902/12/2021
Jennifer Oliver24/09/202001/12/2021
Mike Keeton10/10/201931/03/2021
Maryanne Mason24/09/202024/02/2021
Lisa Meakin24/09/202004/02/2021
Donna Bennett18/01/201717/01/2021
Rachel Broughton10/10/201824/09/2020
Alex Edwards10/10/201910/06/2020

Attendance at academy committee meetings

NameMeetingAttendance Record Academic Year 2021/2022 yearAttendance Record Academic year 2021/2022 No. attended
Andy PullinAcademy committee64
Peter EdwardsAcademy committee66
Donna BennettAcademy committee64
Louis DonaldAcademy committee62
Dale KarimAcademy committee62
Kevin StokesAcademy committee66
Irena DubowskiAcademy committee65
Thomas ReidAcademy committee61